Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Beyoncé: The Mrs. Carter Show: The o2 London

WELL I can officially die happy now.


Right in front of the middle staging!

Beyoncé absolutely shook the o2 stadium for what was the first London date of her World Tour. It was interesting to see the range of people that considered themselves Beyoncé fans, and the lengths people will go to get even an inch closer to the Queen herself. This did mean I had a woman's hand lodged under my arm pit as she tried to hold onto the barrier that I had queued 3 hours to plant myself in front of! Needless to say, I was the Survivor and she just had a trapped, sweaty hand.

So after much deliberation of where to stand, we definitely chose the right spot. I don't want to spoil too much for those of you going this week but 3 songs, (and 3 of the best songs) were sang to my face, only 5 feet away from the stage! I had shivers and was shaking from excitement!

She truly is a superb performer and had the crowd in the palm of her hand. She performs with an energy and excitement that it's as if she's performing on stage for the first time but obviously with the precision and perfection of someone who must not be human...

Apologies for the bad quality! I was jumping up and down!

I was the top celeb spotter for the night and spied on the likes of Mr Carter himself- Jay Z, Naomi Campbell sat next to him, fashion designer Matthew Williamson, and (I think) Princess Eugenie.

The band were superb, the dancers were insanely good and I'm now going to stop waxing lyrically and try to hold back my Beyoncé fan girl identity! Who am I kidding?!

To the left, to the left..

Beyonce excitement before the show!

I can safely say I now feel like a liberated, independent woman!!

Lots of love,

Ess Double You x

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