Monday, 15 April 2013

the hoarder's grotto.

Hello friends!

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to catch some rays with a cheeky tipple of your choice...I certainly did in the balmy countryside of Surrey just on the Surrey/Hampshire border where I retreated for a couple of days at one of my bestie's parents' house. It was super lovely to take a break from revision and essays but now it's back to it!
With my right foot forward, (I'm a dancer, we always start on the right) I'm ready for the final haul. But before I do, here's a little post to keep you all entertained or to provide you students with some worthy procrastination material.

I forgot to explain in my last post the inspiration behind the name of my blog. Well it's not really rocket science! It's my initials spelt phonetically, which was something that was √† la mode back in the Myspace days and was my internet pseudonym at the time. So feeling nostalgic, as I usually do, I decided to revitalise the name, give it a dust off, clearing away the cobwebs of my 15 year old self to reveal the real Ess Double You.

Now speaking of nostalgia, this brings me nicely on to the topic of conversation for today's musings. I'm not sure if it's me getting bored easily of my clothes, a lack of money on a student budget or simply just this overwhelming yearn for the past (probably because I'm nearly an ADULT in the BIG, SCARY WORLD) but I've recently been reinventing, revamping and recycling certain items of clothing that I haven't worn for years. They've been sat resting in my wardrobe, probably growing mothballs and yelling out to be donned even if just for a day.

I am a massive hoarder and despite doing 'clear outs' perhaps three times a year, I still own stuff I've had for nearly a decade. Papa Wynn is often suspicious that I've been particularly spendthrift to which I reply: "What?! This old thing?!" and I'm actually be truthful....(most of the time)

So here are a few photos of outfits where I have given life again to some statement pieces.

Outfit #1: Grey-Scale skirt

I bought this linen/silk skirt about 4 years ago for a holiday I went on to Ayia Napa with my friends at the tender age of 18. It is more of a summer skirt but with the few rays of sunshine we saw this weekend I thought I'd whip it out, but still keeping warm with some trusty winter black tights. I think the key to wearing a lighter coloured skirt with tights in the colder months is to wear a lighter coloured shoe, so I borrowed these swish gold brogues from my lovely housemate.

Skirt: M & S (Limited Collection), Shirt: Vintage @ Brixton Village, Jumper: H & M (borrowed), Shoes: (borrowed)
I like the zip that goes up the back of the skirt.

In true hoarder fashion, I found this
 little guy hiding in the leaves!
He's my boyfriend.

Outfit #2 Patterned Bolero Jacket:

I have always loved this little cotton jacket that I bought goodness-knows-when from River Island. I can't always find clothes in River Island, but now and again there's a gem screaming out to be bought! This was one of them. Not something that goes with everything, but definitely a statement item. I decided to tone it down with a Breton striped top, plain dark jeans, simple quilted ballet pumps and my trusty bowler hat.

Patterned jacket: River Island, Striped t-shirt: boutique in France, Jeans: Topshop, Ballet pumps: Russel & Bromley, Hat: Topshop

I'm pretty sure I'll have some more 'hoarding' posts soon!

Hoarders, what do you like to hoard? One of my weak points is magazines!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Uni Music League Semi Finals!! So excited! Blog post to follow during the week!

Stay Tuned!

Ess Double You x

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