Tuesday, 16 April 2013

the fox problem.

Morning world!

"The Fox Problem?" I hear you question. Well if you haven't already heard of it then you can catch up on all the episodes on the youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/thefoxproblem and then tune in LIVE tonight at 7.30pm on Google Hangouts (just go to www.thefoxproblem.com).

The show is presented by some big names in the industry including Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney, Georgie Okell from T4 and Georgia L-A, the 'first lady' of SB:TV. They are joined by Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke (if you don't watch MIC then he's the one with long hair, who then cut his hair, went out with Gabriella and is now going out with the girl Francis Boulle was seeing but then if you don't watch it then this won't mean anything to you either...)

This presenting team of 3 sassy ladies drives the show and provides its endless laughs with features such as 'The G Spot' where the viewers have to vote on dares that one of them will end up doing live on the show.

This show is really made for watching live as they call it 'social TV that answers back' so you can get involved! One of the quirkiest and funniest parts of the show is the addition of 'The Ridler'. 'The Ridler' is a pianist and singer (who in fact went to my school) and was discovered on YouTube for his bluesy, gravelly voice. The twist is, that he sings and plays the tweets & messages that are sent in from the viewers. Needless to say, this is hilariously entertaining to watch!

Throughout the series they have also been running an online campaign to get Lena Dunhum from hit American TV show 'Girls'. On tonight's show we will see whether Lena will join the show via Google Hangouts. Will she show? Won't she? Ah there's too much to love! Just take my word for it and watch it!

To have a quick teaser why not watch their promo vid here:

This type of TV is what I like to call 'Desktop Telly'. It's the new, revolutionary form of television that scarily could be the end to TV as we know it. It's short bursts of entertainment that you can watch to break up your revision or essay writing, or even just watch on the laptop in front of your sofa with your friends and a few bevies.

Even yours truly has started a studentTV show called Wy.TV, what we like to describe as a show made for students by students following the magazine format of something like BBC 1's The One Show (but cooler...or so we think).

You can watch the pilot episode of Wy.TV here:

Don't miss out on The Fox Problem too! Final episode is tonight, 7.30pm www.thefoxproblem.com

Catch you soon!

Ess. Double You x

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