Thursday, 9 May 2013

Beyond the Sea.


So I've been a little out of touch recently due to final graduate exams and essays but I am now FREEEE as a bird and have finally finished 18 years of education with no plans to do a Masters!

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I certainly did as I made the last minute decision to skip down to Cowes to spend the weekend with Mama and Papa Double You, sailing around the Solent. On the first night we took a serene trip down the river to a pub called The Folly Inn, only to spend the night rowdily dancing on tables into the early hours! And who said nights out with your parents were boring?!
The Folly Inn

Another highlight was a trip to Osbourne House, where Queen Victoria used to live. We took a tour around the stunningly beautiful house and walked down to the beach where Queenie herself used to be wheeled into the sea so she could take a dip. It was a beautiful day and I definitely want to go back there, even if just to lounge in the deck chairs and eat ice cream all day!

Osbourne House

What a lovely weekend! How did you spend yours?

I am now going to return to my death bed as I endure post exam illness!

Love & stuff,

Ess Double You.

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