Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Oh, Jeff...I Love You, Too...But... Lichtenstein: A Retrospective

Good evening readers!

I trust you had a lovely weekend despite the downturn in the weather with thunderstorms and hail, or as one of my besties endearingly said the other day 'it's just God moving furniture around'.

I spent Sunday afternoon at the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern. It is an exhibition I've been wanting to visit for a long time and it was well worth the wait!

It has to be said that it is probably one of the most popular and most spoken about exhibitions that the Tate has put on, but if anything I think it is great to see art become more accessible to a wider range of people. I'm not sure what it is about Pop Art that so many people love; whether it's the comic book style sketches or perhaps the vintage-retro feel that seems to still be on trend in 2013! Whatever the attraction is, it wasn't until I got up close and personal with Lichtenstein's paintings that I recognised the detail and pain-staking precision that has gone into these iconic creations.
What was even better about the exhibition was the new discoveries of this artist usually known for 'The Torpedo', 'Wham!' and 'Drowning Girl'. I even preferred some of his other work, particularly the sculptures that hinted at the art-deco, Great Gatsby mania that is also POPular at the moment.

For obvious reasons, I wasn't able to take any photos but here is a reminder of some his iconic works...

Oh, Jeff...I love you, too...But... : Lichtenstein: photo taken from articles.chicagotribune.com
Whaam! Lichtenstein: photo taken from tate.org.uk
Drowning Girl: Lichtenstein: photo taken from wikipedia.org
The exhibiton is open for viewing until 27th May 2013!

And so, I felt truly inspired by the Lichtenstein style that I decided to Lichtensteinify my face!

That's all from me folks!

Have a lovely Tuesday evening,

Lotsa luv,

Ess Double You x

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