Thursday, 4 July 2013

Glastonbury Festival: A Land of Dreams

Last week I went to what I can only describe as the land of dreams: Glastonbury Festival. It was my first time at Glasto and what a weekend it was! People have told me it is the best festival in Europe, even the best in the World (!) and I definitely would not dispute those tall claims. It has a superb atmosphere with festival goers ranging from young families to students to ageing rockers. This year the ageing rockers of course included The Rolling Stones, who I have to say were phenomenal. Other highlights include The Arctic Monkeys, Haim, Jessie Ware, Tom Odell and Mumford & Sons....not to say everybody else I saw wasn't amazing too.

Here are a few snaps I took whilst rambling around the site....
Scene from The Park
Viewing Platform in The Park
Rum Shack!

Day 1 Outfit: My trusty festival tie-dye dress from All Saints, Trainers: Topshop, Socks: Topshop, Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarer, Headband: Borrowed Necklace: Borrowed.

Day 2 Outfit: Tie-dye dress: Topshop, Headscarf: Vintage, Tote bag: Vintage (Paris), Sunglasses: as before, Socks: Topshop.

Unfortunately they are all the photos I have from Glastonbury but I'm waiting on my disposable to be developed and so I will be sure to share any good'uns with you once I get that back! 

Before I go I must just share one last photo with you which we thought to be a million dollar photo when it was being taken, only to be severely disappointed. As I said before, Glastonbury festival is a land of dreams. However, we thought one of the biggest dreams had come true on the Friday night when we believed to have met Daft Punk. Yes, I repeat, Daft Punk. Now if you look at this photo, one would assume this is Daft Punk. We entered the club to be greeted by 2 men on stage in masks dancing to a recent release from Daft Punk's new album. We even asked the bar staff who confirmed it was indeed Daft Punk! Alas, we were cruelly lied to and apparently the guy in the photo below posing as Daft Punk is in fact called...Ian. 

If you want another little giggle look at the guy in the top right. WTF?

And on that note Ladies & Gents, I bid you goodnight!

More to come soon,

Ess Double You x

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